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June 18, 2008

Great Travel Destination Thailand

Thailand is one of the famous travel destination countries and is located in the South-East Asia region. Its traditions, cultures and nightlife are the main reasons attract tourists from all over the world to this land. Two major tourists destinations in Thailand are Bangkok and Phuket.

Bangkok is a city of life, where one can experience the culture, shopping, nightlife, the people-watching and the heady fun for all. A number of key attractions in Bangkok are the Grand Palace, Wat Pho, Ancient City, Jim Thompson's House and Museum, Lump Park, Victory Monument, Sri Mahamariamman Temple and Samut Prakarn Crocodile Farm and Zoo. Then there are many nightlife entertainments, including bars, pubs, traditional massage parlors, Thai-boxing fights, restaurants and night markets.

Bangkok also provides the quality of accommodation in all the possible ranges from low-priced to luxury hotels. Some of cheap hotels in Bangkok are Ambassador Hotel, Airport Hotel, Davis Bangkok and Grande Ville Hotel. Some of luxury hotels are Amari Watergate Hotel, Ascott Sathorn, Banyan Tree Hotel and Conrad Hotel. All offers good-reasonable facilities to their guests.

While Phuket, Thailand's largest island (930 sq. km), is a jewel in the Andaman Sea. Phuket is famous for its beaches. Some great places in Phuket to visit are Phang Nga Bay, Phuket Fantasy, Patong Beach, Phuket Town, The Island's Coral Siam and Safari Tour.

Phuket is also famous for its hotels and hospitality. Some popular cheap hotels in Phuket are Allamandi Laguna, Banthai Beach Resort, The Bay Hotel, The Boat Lagoon Resort, Chedi Phuket, The Crown Nai Yang Suite and Evason Phuket. While a number of luxury hotels in Phuket are Andaman Suites Beach, Avantika Boutique Hotel, Ayara Hilltops, Banthai Beach Resort & Spa, Banyan Tree Resort phuket, Burasari Resort and Cape Panwa Hotel.

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June 14, 2008

Great Travel Destination Singapore

Singapore may be considered to be one of the wonderful travel destinations. A small country with all requirements needed for a tourist destination. Beautiful locations, good hotels, good transportations and warm hospitality from Singaporeans. Tourism is one of the largest industry in Singapore. Its society reflects the color of colonial history, Chinese, Malay, Indian and Arab sections of the population.

Singapore is famous for its shopping sites and large and expensive purchases Precinct in Orchard Road district. The main shopping places are Marina Bay, Bugis Street, Chinatown, Geylang, Kampong Gelam, Arab Street, Little India, North Bridge Road, Orchard Road, Shenton way, and Raffles Place. All of these shopping destinations are located in Orchard Road district, and most good hotels are also located here.

Singapore's culinary is also one of reasons for tourists. Tourists can enjoy traditional Indian, African and Arab's cuisine along with all type of mainland food. There are many restaurants, food courts, and food centers available in every corner of city. Singapore is one of the five top countries in which is famous for nightlife, dining and shopping. All types of hotels are available in Singapore from low-priced to luxury hotels. A number of popular luxury hotels are Fullerton Hotel, Goodwood Park Hotel, Hotel Inter-Continental, Hilton hotel, Naumi Hotel and Orchard Scotts Apartments.

A large number of low-priced hotels are also available, and some of them are Hotel 81 Gold, Hotel-81 Orchid, 81 Hotel Opera, Broadway Hotel and Port-Ville Hotel. All over Singapore is good places to visit. And best thing is; you can drive car all around Singapore in only matter of hours.

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June 4, 2008

Indonesian Seas' Potentials

Indonesia has the second longest coastline in the world after Canada and its territorial waters extend over 5.8 million km square. These are assets that should make its maritime sector one of the biggest contributor to the nation's gross domestic product.

Unfortunately, that's not the case. Indonesian fishing industry pales in comparison to other regional countries. Despite its enormous natural resources, the country's fishing industry harvests only 4 million tons a year. According to Indonesian Department of Maritime and Fisheries, total maritime industries only contributing about US$ 3.2 billion a year.

Contrary with China, with only 8% of Indonesia's maritime territory, has far larger maritime sector. Indonesia's annual $ 1.8 billion worth of exports is a mere shadow of Thailand's haul of $ 4.2 billion from fisheries exports a year.

The silver lining in this gloomy state of affairs is, of course, the enormous potential for growth within the industry, potential that probably has no equal anywhere in the planet. Realizing that potential will not be simple. As with the agricultural sector, fisheries in Indonesia has been left behind; little development of human resources or technologies in fish hatcheries, fishing or processing.

It still needs many developments and supports in many areas to up lifting maritime industry. Many waters has not been harvested properly, mostly in east region of Indonesia where fishermen still using traditional tools. This region know for good habitat for fishes, shrimps and oysters. It will be sad for its citizens if this region not developed properly and will be wasted along the time.

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May 23, 2008

Who Will Be The Next Chelsea Manager?

The Blues recently sent coach Avram Grant from the avenue, and should thus looking for a replacement. The dismissal of Grant has a certain influence on the content of the English football.

Some medias claimed that the probability is high that there will be a Dutchman dictates conduct in Chelsea. Each media will now straw with names of possible successors, in the corridors names like Guus Hiddink and Frank Rijkaard repeatedly mentioned. The Italian Robert Mancini is a contender.

The only available option out of these three great managers is Frank Rijkaard. Rijkaard was recently sacked by FC Barcelona and would thus be able to work in London. Hiddink and Mancini are still committed to contracts respectively with the Russian federation and Internazionale.

However, everybody has his price. Nothing impossible in changing club for managers. As long as there's good deal, good decision will follow.

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May 13, 2008

SanDisk Sansa Fuze MP3 Player

SanDisk has introduced its new Sansa Fuze MP3 player. This MP3 player supposed to be the competitor of iPod Nano.

Storage capacity options for Sansa Fuze are 2, 4 and 8 GB. It has a FM radio tuner and a microSD card slot, so you can add other elements on the fly. It has a voice recorder too. SanDisk will offer the Sansa Fuze including in the colours pink, red, blue, black and silver. The device incorporates a rechargeable internal battery, which plays audio up to 24 hours and plays video for up to 5 hours between charges.

Sansa Fuze features 1.9 inch color screen, quite big to view video on a portable player. It can play video, image and off course audio. File extensions MPEG-4, JPEG, MP3, WMA, secure WMA, WAV, Audible and Overdrive files can be played here.

Supported with Windows OS and also Mac and Linux in MSC mode, this player can also be used as plug and play media storage. For those who want to try MP3 player other than iPod Nano, this Sansa Fuze will be a good alternative.

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May 5, 2008

In Search for a Good Lawyer


There are two main branches for lawyers, or also called attorneys: barristers and solicitors. Basically they have same educational background and same law firm. The difference is only in their actual field work.

Barristers are lawyer who attend at court to represent their clients. They prepare the defense of clients from providing legal advises, examination of evidences and witnesses until stand in front of judges and jurors. In some Anglo-Saxon countries they have to dress formally like wearing coat and white curly wig.

Barristers need to have good powers of persuasion, whether oral or written, and to be able to explain complex issues so that their clients, members of a jury or other non-specialists are able to follow the argument clearly.

Solicitors are lawyers who don't need to appear at court. They usually represent their clients in legal matters. Some instances like; when a company want to take over another company, contract signing, someone wants to buy a house, and when dealing with banks. Most of the work involve the provision of legal advice or services directly to customers.

While solicitors may not need to stand up in court and make a speech, they also must be able to explain complex issues with clarity and precision to their customers and make sure they are giving the best advice legally correct.

A solicitor can be a barrister and vise versa although there are capability differences. It's depend on the needs of the clients. Most lawyers in United State; California, Missouri, New York, San Fransisco, Las Vegas, are solicitors. It's common because most of legal issues don't need to be deal at court.


Knowing a little about the law will help a citizen become a smarter consumer legal. From right to agricultural zoning and use of land, family law and taxation and more.

There are many areas of the law. Each area is very complex, and this is why there are many different types of lawyers. Many lawyers in choice of specialization in a particular area of law. Sometimes other lawyer chooses to exercise without specialization. Choice of lawyers to specialize in a particular area of law, in most cases, they want to be able to know everything about this area of law.

It is so difficult to list and describe whole various types of legal practice today. So many cases happen with their uniques; adoption, car accident, debt collection, insurance investigation, mortgage, endowment policy, job contract, disease, public law suit, and many more.

The following description is displayed to give you some kind of idea that this was what the lawyers. In addition, please note that this is part of the description given by another title. Suit it is suitable for large transactions often difficult to distinguish between types of laws can duplicate, or what legal rights in international law is considered here to compare some of the suits. Be aware that some of the descriptions given here May fit other titles, as it is often difficult to distinguish between the types of law. This is only a summary.

Comparative Law: This area of law is not only in one country. It needs a relationship between two or more nations with different laws. A lawyer who to operate in this type must have an educational background in more than one country and understands international policy. The comparative lawyer works with international relations in trade and commerce, travel, government business, and many other areas depending upon his knowledge and the needs employer.

Environmental Law: Environmental law requires a concern for the nation's resources, knowledge of where the resources are, what they are used for, how and why they may be endangered or exploited, and whose job it is to protect them. Lawyers can be on both sides, defender (usually company or government) and offender (usually public). Many deals under table made in this area of law because finally both sides lawyers will find what's best for nation, company and public.

Patent Law: Off course a lawyer will deal with patent rights here. He needs to fully understand the idea that will be patented and make sure no one can use that patent with no right. Sometime he needs some deep information about the work area of his client

Poverty Law and Legal Services: A general title for a great number of legal opportunities, poverty law and legal services offers a lawyer the chance to represent and protect those in our society who may not have the money or the knowledge to help themselves. This is much social service than business so anyone who wants to be a this type of lawyer, don't expect too much money.

Tax Law: Dealing with tax is a headache. The law has so many points, sometime with ambiguity, and also with different calculation for different type of people; regard to money sources and transaction made an so on. Every company need this type of lawyers and everybody will deal with them too, occasionally.

Corporate Law: Corporate lawyer dealing with all the companies that are installed by the activities of tax, employment, or employment problems, since its establishment and mergers among companies and arranging stock options. More generally, a corporate lawyer is one of a team of lawyers, each handling or assisting in the handling only one of the activities areas. A corporate lawyer, therefore, it may be any one of the previous types of lawyers and also to be a corporate lawyer.

Criminal Law: Individuals accused of committing crimes. Lawyers specializing in criminal law, can work on either side; defense or prosecution. Those who defend the accused can work in private practice or a public defender's office. Those who work for the prosecution, as a rule, work in public, for example, district attorneys, etc. Criminal lawyers must attend at court because they will argue cases that are currently drawn on constitutional grounds.


Fees charged by lawyers vary depending on practice area, the legal problem, and the lawyer's experience and expertise. It can be charged by hour, percentage; in cases involving money, contract and so on.

For exceptional cases of need, like some mesothelioma cases, there are lawyers who will handle a case on a pro bono (free) basis.

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April 27, 2008

Jusuf Kalla: The Government Will Re-Examine Namru 2

Not many Indonesians knew that Namru 2 even exists until Indonesian Minister of Health DR. Dr. Siti Fadilah Supari Sp.JP(K) made sudden inspection to its laboratory center last week. Dr. Siti got a hold for few minutes outside until she was allowed to enter the laboratory.

Naval Medical Research Unit 2 (Namru 2) been in Indonesia for the first time in 1968 to give recommendations on handling pest epidemic in Central Java. Two years later, Indonesia asked Namru 2 for recommendations in handling malaria in Papua. This time, Namru 2 asked for Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to do the cooperation with Indonesia. Indonesia agreed and MoU signed for 35 years term and would be revised every 10 years. Due to that MoU, Namru 2 had license to do the medical research in Indonesia. That MoU gave extra privileges to Namru 2's staffs. 20 staffs got diplomatic immunity, customs free and residences.

The MoU ended in 2005. Indonesia through minister of health had given Naval 2 written decision in November 2005 that the MoU would not be extended. The minister thought the MoU only benefited Namru 2. Extra privileges, intransparency and many unpublished research documents while all specimens is from Indonesian territory are the reasons for the extinction of MoU.

Namru 2 was stalling. For the last 2 years, US Embassy has been actively lobbying Department of Health and Department of Foreign Affairs to extend its operation in Indonesia. The negotiation is still in progress. Namru 2 in Indonesia is the Namru 2 HQ for South East Asia Area since its former HQ in Philippine was closed in 1990.

Dr. Siti came to Namru 2's laboratory to redeclare that Namru 2 and all its research would be temporarily closed until new agreement reached. Some intelligent observers make opinions that with its extra privileges and intransparency, Namru 2 could be used as a cover to do intelligent operations. Why US Embassy so determine to protect its existence in Indonesia also being questioned.

Indonesian Vice President H.M. Jusuf Kalla, after Friday Pray in Makassar, told the journalists that the negotiation is in progress and the government will re-examine the existence of Namru 2 in Indonesia (source: He said that Indonesia is open to work together with any organization for good purposes in the right way. The deadlock is about the diplomatic status of its staffs. US wants 20 persons have diplomatic immunity while Indonesia only limits to 2 persons since the relation with Namru 2 is nothing to do with diplomatic but only a health research. Indonesia also insists that naval doctors from Indonesia allowed to do the supervision.

My opinion; I agree with vice president that any cooperation for good purposes is ok but it must be in the right way. I'm sure from all the facts that US had been using Namru 2 for intelligent operations but not to have much worry about that. CIA is not that good. There is no Ethan Hunt out there.

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